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Shared Services

  • Overview

  • Program

  • Designing
    Shared Services

  • Transition
    to Delivery

  • Stabilize
    the Operations

  • Engagement

Having set up and partnered with more than 10 Shared Service Centers (SSC) within India and overseas, we have gained immense experience to offer end-to-end services to design, execute and setup SSCs and achieve cost saves of up to 25% for India to India...and more for off shoring!

The team comes with strategic, operational and hands-on experience, having been part of the global team to set up and grow the pioneering global shared services center at American Express. Over the last 6 years, the team has set up SSCs in India and Sri Lanka in multiple functions including F&A, Marketing, HR and Supply Chain.

While setting up Shared Services, besides addressing the client specific requirements, we answer five key questions to enable transformation through Shared Services:

  • How can a company use shared services as a strategic enabler to business?
  • How can a company get the buy-in and sponsorship from the Top Management, and partner with Business while executing the shared services strategy?
  • How can an Indian Company get cost saves from ‘India to India’ shared services operations, where there is no labor arbitrage?
  • How can a company deal with people transition challenges, if any, due to setting up of the shared services?
  • How can a company ensure process, customer and service orientation to the people and leadership to stabilize operations and sustain the momentum of transition to a shared services business?

The Shared Services engagements focus on 5 key areas:

  • Program Management
  • Design
  • Deliver
  • Stabilize
  • Engagement Models


Program Management at RvaluE has a very wide definition to include Top Management Sponsorship, Project Management, Change Management, Customer Buy-in and Governance! We have seen that great strategies do not get properly executed due to lower expertise in Program Management!

This role requires a sustaining focus, right through from the shaping the strategy to design, deliver and stabilizing the operations, in view of its topmost importance to achieve execution excellence!

  • Process mapping and COPIS
  • Head count finalization
  • Operations site readiness
  • Organizational Design and Structure
  • Technology and Workflow Enablement

  • Team Deployment
  • Work re-allocation
  • Technology Implementation
  • Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Process Documentation
  • Infrastructure Set Up
  • Transition Checklist

  • Operations Dashboard
  • Service Charge-outs
  • Tech Solution Operational
  • Customer Management
  • Review Process
  • Metrics Tracking
  • Key Service Milestones
  • Service Level Agreements